Every day is a holiday

Interesting Girls..

Most of the time I find a girl thats interesting to talk to or just hang out with. What I find most frustrating is the girls that are so immature most of the time in their actions. Sometimes I just think that girls wan’t such a perfect relationship that they forget how much you have to fight for one then expect it to be perfect. A dreamer will never face reality as long as she believes in fairy tales.

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I love my life. I really do. No one can bring me down.

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Some find it shocking that I only had 1 girlfriend, to be honest I don’t. I decided that I wanted a relationship that would make me happy and last forever. I wanted my first girlfriend to be special and it was. I wanted my first girlfriend to be the best thing to ever happen to me and it was. To me finding a girl worth spending my time with was well worth it. Then going out with every girl or every girl that ever asked me out or liked me. Its just me but its something I felt. Not sure if I will ever have that same feeling or chance again. Some people go out with girls thinking the amount of girlfriend’s you have is special. What matters in life is she the one worth keeping around. Is she the one worth having forever. Is she the one worth marrying. Is she the one that makes you wonder how I ever got you and loves you every day more then you could ever imagine. Yeah thats what matters not the amount of girlfriends you had.

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My Future might be like…

Sometimes I think I will never have a girlfirend. I feel as if I don’t deserve one. I feel as if life doesn’t wan’t me to get one. So I guess my future will be about having wealth getting an awesome loving dog and may other stuff. But as it goes life without a girlfriend seems more and more logically reasonable at this point. Getting a girlfriend will be like winning the lottery.

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Hey, I wouldn’t mind..

Wouldn’t mind having that one person that I can talk to every night about anything and everything.

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